Ranking for Zac Efron LOVES Lily Collins Zendaya AND Alexandra Daddario

Maybe you have seen our most popular video „Zac Efron LOVES Lily Collins Zendaya AND Alexandra Daddario“ on our channel Video Archive. It is about Zac Efron and his three recent female movie partners Alexandra Daddario, Lily Collins & Zendaya. With all of them he seemed to have a really great connection, so that video

Oscar Winners 2020 ★ In Our Favorite Categories & a HUGE SURPRISE | Academy Awards 2020

The Oscar Winners 2020 are in. We’ll take a look at the winners of our favorite categories. Just a few days ago we made a video on our final predictions for the Academy Awards 2020 with our choices. Now let’s see how that turned out. Of course, there was a HUGE surprise. We couldn’t be