Oscars 2020 Nominations Leading Actor & Actress, Supporting Actor & Actress ★ Picks & Our Winners

Boy, it’s Oscar time again already. The nominations are out. And there are a few surprises. Mainly the ones that were left out… like Jennifer Lopez for Hustlers. But that’s a topic for another video. Here we want to share the nominations for the Academy Awards 2020 and our winners… or let’s say predictions for

Which Of Jared & Jensen’s Characters Should Sam & Dean Meet?

Which character that Jared & Jensen played in their careers would be a great meet-up with Sam & Dean Winchester… Awesome question. Let’s hear the answers from our favourite TV brothers. This, of course, also is Jared’s first Con after his arrest. So pleased to see him back on stage with his TV-brother Jensen at

Zac Efron LOVES Lily Collins, Zendaya AND Alexandra Daddario

Zac Efron LOVES Lily Collins, Zendaya AND Alexandra Daddario ★ Can’t decide? Famous Couples We Want Zac Efron has had great chemistry with his last female film partners Alexandra Daddario, Zendaya & Lily Collins. It almost seems like he can’t decide who he loves the most. He stated that his best on-screen kiss to date