Ranking for Zac Efron LOVES Lily Collins Zendaya AND Alexandra Daddario

Maybe you have seen our most popular video „Zac Efron LOVES Lily Collins Zendaya AND Alexandra Daddario“ on our channel Video Archive. It is about Zac Efron and his three recent female movie partners Alexandra Daddario, Lily Collins & Zendaya. With all of them he seemed to have a really great connection, so that video is sort of a race who fits better to Zac.

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New Ranking Video

To take this a step further we have actually made a video on our second channel with an animated ranking (race chart) with all the votes from you, guys, that we have gotten over the time the original video has been live. We’ve gotten quite a few comments from you. We have also had a poll in that original video. So we collected all votes and made this new video to see who won. So far.
Interestingly enough not only those three girls – Alexandra, Lily & Zendaya – were mentioned. One other name came up quite frequently. So we included this fourth girl in the ranking as well. You all know her, of course. She’s been featured in many of our videos.

Also: let’s keep voting! We have a poll below to collect even more votes. We will update the ranking video when more votes will have come in.

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Ranking for Zac Efron LOVES Lily Collins Zendaya AND Alexandra Daddario


As mentioned above. There was a fourth girl that you guys talked about in the comments a lot. So we included her here.

Who fits better to Zac?

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