Jared And Jensen’s Favorite Childhood Memories ★ J2 Edition

What is Jared’s favourite childhood memory? What’s Jensen’s favourite childhood memory? Of course, they tell two great stories. Epic reaction as usual. Ahhh, we love theses two. Big thanks to everybody who shows up at the SPN conventions and takes videos. In this case Kreespa! Please watch her whole video! Support each other 🙂 I

5 Actresses That Never Age

Some women are just gifted with beauty forever. They seem to never age. Some even get better with age. But look for yourself. What do you think? We’ve picked 5 beautiful women, but we’re definitely do more later on and, of course, also some of the never aging men in Hollywood.

Best Of Jay Pritchett 2009 – 2019 ★ Modern Family | Ed O’Neill

Let’s watch a few great moments of Jay Pritchett, aka Ed O’Neill, from Modern Family 2009-2019. Modern Family star Ed O’Neill aka Jay Pritchett has been our favourite grandpa over the last 10 years. Hard to believe that it’s already been a decade that we’ve been enjoying our favourite modern family on TV. Let’s take